The Corporate Earnings Calendar API

This service is a REST API to access quarterly earning dates for publicly traded companies in the United States.
It's simple, fast and programmatic.

Free API

The only URL and path you'll ever need is Don't forget the trailing slash!

It returns a JSON response containing the companies announcing earnings today:

    "date": "2017-09-09",
    "companies" : [
        "ticker": "AAOI",
        "cap_mm": 772,
        "when": "amc"
        "ticker": "AAXN",
        "cap_mm": 4,024,
        "when": "amc"

Query a different day by specifying an ISO 8601 date query parameter like

We kept the API as simple as possible, meaning that the burden of building any calendar logic (this week, tomorrow, next week etc...) is on you and your application.

The free API is rate-limited to 1 query per second to ensure fair access to everyone.

Premium API

Our premium features enhance the free API and give investors and analysts a complete toolkit to access and handle corporate earnings with speed and confidence:

Most accurate earning dates

Earning dates are indexed from multiple source. A confidence score reflects the consensus (or lack thereof) among sources.

Near real-time earnings press releases notifications

Receive via webhooks earnings press releases of your tickers as soon as they are posted.

Next earning date by ticker

Retrieve the next earning date by ticker

Weekly batch API

Get all tickers that announce in a given week

Price: $50 / month
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